WACA Membership Form

Please Read and Complete All Information Carefully

This online form is for those who are joining and paying online. If you are planning on paying with a check via mail, please proceed to the Print & Mail option in the menu above.

I. Type of Membership.

Concierge membership in non-transferable and non-refundable and resides with the individual. If the Concierge leaves the profession, they remain a non-voting member until the end of the current membership year. Please note the following concierge membership fee amounts:

Concierge (you must have the title of “Concierge” for this type): $95

Concierge (1/2 Year Promotion – Inquire with Concierge Membership Director for more information): $50

  New affiliate applicants, and previous affiliates who were not in good standing according to the constitution and amendments of the association (if you were not able to vote in the previous elections, you are not in good standing), must include the following: two letters of recommendation from members in good standing of the association, of which at least one must be from a concierge member. Affiliate membership resides with the company and may be transferred to another member of the company with written notice to the Membership Chair.

Please note the following affiliate membership fee amounts: Affiliate: $250

Each Additional Member of the Same Company: $125

Affiliate (1/2 Year Promotion – Inquire with Affiliate Membership Director for more information): $125

II. Terms of Membership.

I hereby certify that the information listed on this application is true. I also hereby agree to abide by the Standards of Professional Conduct and the Association Constitution and Amendments as they now stand and as amended during my term of membership. I understand that membership is subject to approval by the membership committee and I must reapply each year. The term of membership is for the twelvemonth period of January first through December thirty first.
Standards of Professional Conduct
As a Concierge in the Nation’s Capital and as a member of the Washington Area Concierge Association, we are constantly in the public eye. It is our duty, therefore, to represent and to serve our guests, our hotels, our colleagues and our city with grace and professionalism. The following points are standards to guide us in circumstances where proper judgment is important.
  1. A concierge shall neither practice nor permit discrimination on the basis of race, color gender, age, sexual orientation or national origin.
  2. A concierge shall not condone, engage in or defend illegal conduct or practices.
  3. A concierge shall take care to present a neat and clean appearance. For business meetings, please wear business casual. No shorts, sneakers or athletic wear.
  4. A concierge shall conduct all matters in a professional, courteous, and helpful manner to guests and colleagues.
  5. Professional conduct demands timely and courteous response to all correspondence, inquiries, and phone calls as well as prompt payment of all transactions. Commitments to colleagues and others shall be honored; if circumstances prevent one from honoring previous commitments, it is necessary to notify the other individual(s) immediately.
  6. Personal problems shall not interfere with the professional performance of a concierge. Accordingly, the concierge shall refrain from any activity likely to lead to inadequate performance or harm to a guest, hotelier or colleague.
  7. A concierge shall not misuse his or her position. A concierge should not demand goods, services, or money for his or her own personal gain. A concierge shall exercise objective, independent judgment in the evaluation and recommendation of goods and services.
  8. A concierge often acts as a confidant to guests. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be trustworthy and refrain from gossip about guests and colleagues.
  9. Gratuities are given by guests on gratitude for a service rendered whereas a service charge is a predetermined fee for service. Gratuities, regardless of the amount should be received in a gracious manner. If a service charge is involved, it should be brought to the attention of the guest prior to the transaction.
  10. Communication and cooperation among concierge should be fostered and encouraged. Our network should be one of friendship and assistance to each other, so we in turn are able to provide the best service to our guests.

Once you have read and understood the above, please feel free to complete the form below.

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